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What Our Client's Say about True Food Nutrition



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I went to see Nicci to help me increase my energy and to lose weight. I couldn’t believe the difference with just a few changes, I lost 8lbs and 3” from my waist and hips in only 4 weeks and I have so much more energy. Nicci made me feel at ease straight away and explained things really well, I felt totally confident in her care and have already recommended her to all my friends!


"Amanda's help and support have shown me I can feel well again by offering easy to follow and sensible advice. She has made a massive positive impact on my well-being."


Nicola MacDonald, Amanda Serif and Nicola Cunningham listening to what their clients have to say.

Amanda produced a comprehensive yet straightforward nutritional plan which is easy to follow and to maintain every week. I feel more energised during the whole day and don’t snack as often as I used to do.


"My goal for years has been to improve my health and live a healthier lifestyle. Nicola helped me achieve this in months. Her clear advice and recommendations has permanently changed me for the better. I had been suffering with extreme hair loss and tiredness and felt helpless. Nicola helped me find my way back. With her excellent dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations, I have never felt so full of energy and my hair has never been so thick and silky."


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"Nicci came highly recommended from a friend of mine who felt so much better after seeing her. I had stomach issues and had all the tests from the hospital, ie Gastroscopy, CT and a fibrescan, who found everything seemed normal. Nicci gave me the time to really dig into my past history and explained the implications of past illnesses which can/could contribute to where you are today. It is fascinating. Nicci gave me support, suggestions and advice to enable me to continue doing the plan. She is personable and very professional and I feel very fortunate that I was able to see her. She has helped me immensely in feeling better. I’m well on the road to recovery now and would like to thank Nicci ever so much."


I met Amanda when I was undergoing quite a stressful time at work and had slipped into some bad eating habits, which were not helping the situation. I had become quite lazy with food and was not incorporating the levels of nutrition I needed. In fact, I felt exhausted, burnt out and had quite low mood and poor memory. Amanda had her work cut out!!  She was non-judgemental of my poor habits, but also supportive of change and my desire to feel better.


During our meetings she was able to unpick my eating patterns and quickly determined the important first steps, identifying the nutritional deficiencies my diet was creating and suggesting easy changes to reduce energy blocks. Amanda provided easy and quick recipes and clever ideas to support long term beneficial changes, and I can now say that after several months I am beginning to feel a different person!


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Nicci has helped me in getting my psoriasis under control. The itching has all but gone, which in itself is such a relief. Also, my coffee addiction has been cured. Nicci is so easy to talk to, she really listens and explains everything in simple terms. I understand my digestive issues a lot more now. Still on going with my healing but I wouldn’t have got this far without Niccis’ professional advice and help.


I was feeling sluggish & bloated when I met Amanda. She has really helped me identify what was going wrong and has now transformed my health. I now feel back to my old self but more importantly is that I’m much more aware of how my diet can influence the way that I look and feel. I would highly recommend Amanda.


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A year and a half ago, I realised I needed help and support to lose weight, improve my relationship with food and tackle my stress levels! Like many people, I chose food as a comfort and found crash diets useless. I reached out to Nicola, knowing that her nutritional knowledge and 'can-do' attitude towards health could help me transform my relationship with food, and my body.  


She listened and helped me to understand what foods I should introduce into my diet rather than focussing on what I shouldn't have. We didn't set targets or 'weigh in'; Nicola's approach was to coach me in decision making. 18 months on and I've lost almost 3 stone, dropped 4 dress sizes and established (perhaps for the first time in my life) a healthy relationship with food. As a result, my stress levels are significantly reduced and I feel positive about my body shape.  Nicola showed me: she knew I was capable of making the necessary changes, and over time, helped me to believe that I could do it too.


After a thorough look into your health background and with careful consideration of your wanted outcomes, Nicola provides a holistic approach to enabling you to attain your goals.  She is very approachable and has a lovely manner, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the consultation and in the ongoing support that Nicola provides so well.  Be confident that you are in good hands.


"I had the pleasure of discussing my overall physical and mental health with Nicci,  in line with daily food and drink habits.  The meeting was comprehensive and full of really useful recommendations.  Further to initial consultation I performed a blood test which allowed Nicci to suggest the most relevant supplement recommendations and food habits to better improve my overall health and wellbeing. Being a 48 year old women I had been suffering from feelings of lethargy, compounded by an underactive thyroid and low iron levels.  After following Niccis’ advice and supplement regime I have found that my energy levels, particularly in the afternoons, has massively improved.  In addition, my Park Run times are beginning to return to my PB’s – this really makes me happy."


"I came to see Nicola with concerns about my health in general, nothing too specific, I just wanted to feel better in myself.  I wasn’t sleeping too well, I couldn’t really concentrate and my energy levels were low.  We talked through the triggers for poor sleep, the things that could be making the situation worse and what life would be like if I was sleeping well. Nicola then gave me small step changes so that I wasn’t overwhelmed and that felt achievable within my life as it is right now.  


She didn’t tell me what I shouldn’t be doing and generally added foods into my diet rather than taking away my favourites.  After a few weeks, I noticed that I actually didn’t want to eat some of those favourite foods – snacky foods I would buy on the way home from work – because I started to see how they were not helping my sleep or my energy overall.  There is still work to do but I feel very different to how I felt a few weeks ago when I started to work with Nicola."


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