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Nicola McDonald, Amanda Serif & Nicola Cunningham, Nutrition Experts in Digestive health, Hormone Health and Weight Loss



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Our Signature Programmes are designed to give you the support you need, when you need it.


From The Power Hour to the ultimate 12 week Revolutionise Programme, our aim is to offer you a bespoke Programme that will allow you to fulfil your goals, to be accountable and to support you to make to positive changes, not only to your food choices but to your lifestyle and habits. 

We have access to the latest professional laboratory testing and are able to offer functional testing in areas such as gut health and microbiome, hormone and immune function, genetic testing and complete nutritional profiles to our clients.

Under some circumstances, we may be able to provide certain functional tests and undertake test interpretation outside of our Signature Programmes and we invite you to book a call to discuss your needs.


Sharing the same ethos means that whichever one of us you choose to work with, you can be sure that you will receive the same level of support, while reflecting our individual styles as practitioners.


positive change

Reset - a nutrition & lifestyle programme giving you the first steps towards a more balanced life


The first steps towards balanced and sustainable eating habits

Revitalise - a nutrition & lifestyle programme that provides you with a tool-kit to star you on the road to better health


Personalised nutrition and lifestyle tool-kit to start you on the road to positive change

Replenish - a nutrition & lifestyle programme giving you the support you need to transform the way you eat.


Designed to establish and support you to achieve your health goals

Revolutionise - a nutrition & lifestyle programme that offers the ultimate deep dive into your health concerns.


The ultimate deep dive into your health concerns, providing weekly check-in sessions

Power Hour - decode your diet and discover how the food you eat can make you feel



Discover how your food choices may be affecting your health

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