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Nicola Cunningham. Nutrition Expert & Health Coach. Weight Loss




Losing weight over the years has been a challenge.  At my heaviest, I was more than 4 stone overweight and like many, I turned to slimming clubs for help.  I lost weight but often with a bit extra as a bonus!  It was a vicious cycle of dieting that took me nowhere except to a bigger number on the scales.  

I'm Nicola

Nicola Cunningham, Registered Nutritional Therapist, True Food Nutrition

I use this experience to guide my clients towards adopting healthier lifestyles and practical habits and  support them to make informed decisions regarding their food choices that will lead them succeed with their weight loss goals.   My approach emphasises  inclusion rather than restriction and I firmly believe that lasting results stem from empowerment, not deprivation.  With a proven track record, I am resolutely dedicated to providing a pragmatic, balanced perspective that is about far more than shedding pounds; it's a process of fostering a healthier and more balanced life.

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Several years ago, the pressure of a senior position in a busy inner city secondary school combined with family difficulties saw me at my biggest and most miserable.  On a whim, I booked a week at a health retreat, with no real knowledge of what that was or what would happen there!  As cheesy as it might sound, the experience changed my life.  I spent time learning some simple food basics that I could, and did, implement once I got home.  I lost a few pounds during the retreat but in a way that felt different to anything else I had tried before. This time the weight stayed off without restriction or deprivation.  I also felt great in both my body and my mind. 

This was a turning point and the decision to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist was made, a decision that deepened my understanding of the impact that food and lifestyle changes could have, not just on my weight, but on my physical and mental wellbeing.

After almost thirty years of working in school, I have a positive, 'can do' approach to life.  I use that approach to cut through the jungle of information about health and weight loss to establish what works for each individual.  With my enthusiasm and knowledge, I instil a sense of confidence in my clients that they can and will finally lose weight now but more importantly, for the long term.



The Weight Escape

From me to you, my 5 Top Tips for healthy and lasting weight loss

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