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Conquer your sugar cravings with Step Into Sugar Free Living


sugar free living

When it comes to sugar, do you really know how much you eat?  Sure, we know that a bag of jelly sweets or an iced donut is a sugar bomb but what about that “healthy” snack bar, your breakfast cereal or the mid-morning pot of fruity yoghurt?

Step Into Sugar Free Living, designed by the team at True Food Nutrition, is so much more than a recipe book!

Each of the 7 Steps will give you a complete toolkit that will enable you to make more informed choices by guiding you through the sugary minefield of your supermarket shop.


Step Into Sugar Free Living is for anyone who would like to increase their sugar awareness, boost their energy levels, improve their sleep, think more clearly and generally feel a greater sense of wellness from the inside out by saying goodbye to those crazy cravings!

Step Into Sugar Free Living - 7 Steps, 7 Days to guide you through a sugary minefield

"I have a very active job and train regularly and so I was surprised at how good I felt during the course.  I loved the recipes and really enjoyed the freshness of the meals. This was a great reminder that we can change our health and the way we feel with small changes like avoiding sugary snacks and processed foods – I feel calmer and less anxious, I am sleeping better, feel more positive in the morning and I have a lot more energy throughout the day!"



Step Into Sugar Free Living starts with a fabulously flexible and easy menu plan offering you a complete 7 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that you can mix and match and which will allow you to develop a taste for the natural sweetness of real food. Each of the Steps will answer those sticky questions from “can I use sweeteners?” and “why do I snack?” to “how do I know if it’s sugar?” and “what about my drinks?”, giving you the tools to step off the sugar roller coaster for good.

The course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace and the e-books that are included in each step are for you to download and keep.

Step Into Sugar Free Living gives you the knowledge to make better sugar choices

"I have more knowledge now to make better choices and I have a much better overall sense of wellbeing.  My moods are more stable and because I am sleeping better, I wake up feeling fresh and with more energy.  I have really gained an insight into how these changes can give me a better quality of life"


Step Into Sugar Free Living - step off the sugar roller coaster


That depends on you!  Some participants grab a certain supermarket pig by his fizzy tail and quite literally go the whole hog while others prefer to dip in more slowly, perhaps by starting with changing out their snacks and being more mindful of what goes into their shopping basket each week – but that’s the beauty of Step Into Sugar Free Living, it’s your course at your pace and whichever way you use it, there are benefits to be had – more energy, fewer mood swings, better sleep, no more cravings.

Once we have received your booking, you'll receive details of how to create your account and log-in to your course.  You'll be able to work through each step at your own pace, watch the recordings and download all of the resources, which are yours to keep.


"Towards the end of the 7-day meal plan, I started to sleep better than I usually do and my energy increased.  My body really didn’t miss the sugar and it feels a bit like a sugar detox.  It’s easier than you think!"


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