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The Weight Escape

The Weight Escape


It's all about you!


Over 8 weeks, we'll address different aspects of weight management so that you can say goodbye to dieting, to deprivation and to restriction, and hello to good food, to enjoyment and to sustainable weight loss.


Would you like to...

  • tame the blood sugar beast
  • banish emotional eating
  • learn exercise for weight loss
  • increase your daily energy
  • lose weight, your way & sustainably
  • learn how to plan your meals


How much weight you lose, how much more energy you will have, how much better you sleep and how much you learn to love exercise will all depend on you!  Weight loss is a hugely personal process and your body will respond to the changes that you'll make in its own unique way, over the 8 weeks of the programme. 


It's flexible and all of the live sessions are recorded so whichever life you are juggling, be it a busy professional, parent, a cereal dieter or a weight loss novice complete beginner, The Weight Escape is for you


What's included?

  • Weekly live nutrition talks & q&a's with weight loss expert nicky
  • Weekly tasks to focus your aims & motivation
  • Your food & mood 4 week menu plan
  • Your 4 week food & mood recipe pack
  • Highly informative e-books & resources
  • Live coaching to help you develop long term habits
  • Access to the true food nutrition experts
  • Access to our private facebook group community


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